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About us


Goods for a better world.

ReRUNS began nearly 20 years ago, simply and humbly. Our founder, along with a small group of friends, opened a small pre-loved clothing sale in her basement – and truly built the operation from the ground up. The team advertised their sale by passing out flyers at schools, churches and local grocery stores, and the little sale began to grow. Soon, they moved from the basement to an auction house that would better accommodate the expanding operation.

“ReRUNS began as a way for a few moms to sell their children’s outgrown clothing and toys. We never dreamed it would grow to this scale, or that we'd be able to help so many people, and we're so grateful. The ReRUNS that exists today is the product of a team of giving volunteers, dozens of wonderful organizations, and a whole lot of love.”

Anna Sortino

Anna & Mike Sortino

And while ReRUNS started out as a for-profit sale, we soon began to realize that our business model could and should be different, with a focus on philanthropy over profit. We sought out family-based charities we respected, whose mission fit our vision for a better, more giving world. We chose charities we knew could maximize the potential of our gifts, and we donated our profits to those organizations. To date, ReRUNS has given away more $3 million in donations to local, national and global non-profit organizations. 

In the years since ReRUNS opened in that basement – with little more than a few children’s items and a big idea, our vision has grown. We still operate our brick-and-mortar sale out of the original auction house, and we’re still the largest non-profit sale in the country, but we don’t just sell children’s clothing and toys. We also give you access to pre-loved and new clothing, accessories and other goods for the entire family, from on-trend, high-quality brands, at lower prices.

Now you can buy and sell with us every single day of the year, from anywhere in the U.S., through our online store. Wherever you are, whatever you're looking for, you can become a part of ReRUNS and help support our mission to improve the lives of others.