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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

ReRUNS began simply and humbly – a small pre-loved clothing sale operated out of our founder’s own home, inspired by the idea that selling clothing could have a higher purpose. From day one, we knew that our business model would be different, with a focus on philanthropy over profit. We sought out family-based charities we respected, whose mission fit our vision for a better, more giving world, and we donated our profits to those organizations.

In the years since, our vision has grown. With a brick-and-mortar location in Omaha, Nebraska, we’re still the largest non-profit sale in the country, but we don’t just sell children’s clothing and toys. We also give you access to pre-loved and new clothing, accessories and other goods for the entire family, from on-trend, high-quality brands, at lower prices. Now you can buy and sell with us every single day of the year, from anywhere in the U.S., through our online store.

Wherever you are, whatever you're looking for, you can become a part of ReRUNS and help support our mission to improve the lives of others.

We want to use our organization to help as many people as we can. We help our sellers earn some extra money, we help our buyers find pre-loved clothing and other items at lower prices, and we help the charities we partner with receive donations to help people in need. It’s a simple idea with big, positive outcomes for everyone involved.

To get started, visit our Registration page and follow the easy instructions to set up your personal page.

Feel like updating your login email? No prob. Just go to Edit Profile under your Account Settings page, and type your new username into the Username field.

We hate to see you go, but we understand if you need to delete your ReRUNS account. Just visit our Manage Account Status page under Account Settings and follow the simple instructions.

Seller FAQs

When you sell an item, ReRUNS will subtract a 20% seller’s fee. A portion of the profits we receive from this fee will be gifted to the charity you choose. In addition, any shipping costs above the $2.99 the buyer pays will be charged to the seller.

For each item sold, you will receive 80% of the price (after we deduct our 20% seller fee).

Each time you create a new listing, your final step will be to choose which charity ReRUNS’ profits from your sale will go to. We’ve made it easy with a dropdown menu, located at the bottom of the page

No, the buyer will pay the shipping cost when they purchase your item. You will receive a pre-paid mailing label to use. If shipping cost exceeds the $2.99 a seller will be responsible for the difference in shipping cost. Please use the ReRUNS shipping tool for estimated shipping cost.

As soon as the buyer receives the item you have sold and accepts their purchase, your payment will be released to you.

Sellers can choose to have ReRUNS mail you a check with your sale proceeds or leave your earnings balance in your ReRUNS account. You will have the opportunity to choose which method you would prefer when you set up your account.

If a buyer reports that an item is damaged or otherwise unacceptable, they will file a claim with ReRUNS. We will alert you to the claim, review it and let you know our decision. If we support their claim, they will return the item to you and have their money refunded.

ReRUNS does not issue 1099 forms for our sellers. We would recommend reaching out to your personal tax professional for tax advice.

Buyer FAQs

Once you’ve created your profile, just click the Start Shopping button at the top of the page!

Yes. You will pay a $2.99 flat rate shipping fee for each complete order you place. Any shipping costs over that amount will be charged to the seller.

You should receive your order within 7 working days of purchase. ReRUNS does not include Sundays as a working day.

Once you receive your order, go to your My Purchases page, and accept the item. Or, if the item is damaged or not as described, follow the instructions for reporting a damaged item.

ReRUNS will only facilitate returns for items that have been approved as damaged or not as described. ReRUNS does not allow returns on wrong-sized items or if a buyer changed their mind. See the answer below.

If the item you receive is damaged and/or inconsistent with the description given by the seller, go to your My Purchases page, view Order Details and select an option under “Have order issues?” A ReRUNS representative will follow up with you shortly.

After you make a purchase, you will have 3 hours to cancel that purchase. Just go to your My Purchases page and select “Cancel Order” next to that particular item.

Your order is protected in the case that an item never ships, does not arrive or does not match the listing description. In these instances, you will be issued a full refund. Outside of these cases, all sales are final.

No. Because our model is based on a percentage of our profits going to charity, we do not allow trades through the ReRUNS platform. Proper protocol most be followed in order to ensure all parties benefit from each sale/purchase.

NonProfit FAQs

Once a non-profit organization has been selected as a ReRUNS partner, their name will be added to a list of charities that our sellers can choose from. Each time a seller lists an item, they will choose a charity to receive the donation from that specific item. When that item is sold, the selected charity will receive a portion of the the profits from ReRUNS’ portion of the sale.

ReRUNS is committed to working with organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children and families – through social services, housing, nutrition, healthcare and beyond. We work with charities of all sizes, in locations across the country and around the world. If you feel your mission aligns with ours, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re always searching for new non-profit partners. To apply, visit the NonProfits page on our website and follow the steps provided.

Charities receiving donations from ReRUNS can help uphold our partnership by sharing the ReRUNS story whenever possible, informing others of how – together – our organizations are making a difference through compassionate consignment.