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How It Works


Buying and Selling with ReRUNS

At ReRUNS, our buyers are able to find high-quality pre-loved clothing and accessories for the whole family at a fraction of the price. Our sellers earn extra cash while clearing out their closets. And together, we're all helping children and families in need.

Our goal is to make this entire process as easy and intuitive as possible, with tools and resources designed to ensure buying, selling and giving are a snap. Here's a helpful overview of how the ReRUNS platform works.

How does selling on ReRUNS work?

  1. Setup an account
    and create a closet.

    Once you've entered your email address and created a password through our Registration page, the next step is to choose a user name that represents you and that others can read. You'll also add a profile image or graphic to represent you and help your account to stand out. Finally, you'll fill out your profile information and choose names for your closets, where you'll organize your sale listings.

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  2. Create and share
    new listings.

    First, review the item you want to sell and make sure it fits our listing criteria: clothing and accessories for men, women, children and babies (no household items, toiletries, etc.). Next, choose the non-profit that will receive ReRUN's profits from that sale. Then, upload pictures of your item that create a good first impression. Choose well-lit, engaging images that clearly feature the item, and pair it with a brief, accurate description of what you're selling. Don't forget to include measurements, unique details and the condition of the item. Finally, share your listing with fellow ReRUNS shoppers!

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  3. Ship, earn money and
    donate to charity.

    Once you’ve made a sale, you’re ready to ship! Print your shipping label based on the item’s weight. You can view a chart of approximate package weights here. ReRUNS will pay for up to $2.99 of your shipping cost, and anything above that amount will be charged to you (the seller).

    When your shipped item is received by the buyer, you will receive 80% of the sale price. Of the remaining 20%, ReRUNS gives a portion to the charity you’ve chosen.

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How does buying on ReRUNS work?

  1. Create an account to buy
    and sell on ReRUNS.

    Creating a ReRUNS account is easy -- and it's your first step toward gaining access to all of the great items our sellers have to offer! Plus, once your account is set up, we'll keep you in the know when it comes to new listings, special offers and more. 

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  2. Browse good things
    and do good for others.

    As you browse, you'll notice that each item for sale is connected to a designated charity, selected by the seller. When you purchase that item, we will donate our portion of the sale profits to that charity. That's why shopping with ReRUNS is a great way to find something good for yourself -- and do a world of good for others at the same time. 

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  3. Add items to your cart
    and checkout!

    Find an item you like? Add it to your cart! When you're ready to pay, simply hit the checkout button to pay and start the shipping process. 

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